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We keep an eye on your business and our clock.


LJC Accountancy Solutions offer a confidential bespoke package which provides an efficient and secure payroll system for you.


Key benefit


Continually changing legislation such as that relating to tax credits and benefits etc, means accurate information is increasingly more difficult to accumulate. Given that we use the latest computerised payroll system and constantly stay abreast of these changes, it therefore makes sense to allow us to take the burden and worry away from your payroll issues.




 Time sheet calculation
 Holiday pay entitlement
 SPP - Statutory Paternity Pay
 PAYE - Pay As You Earn calculation
 Redundancy pay
 Dismissal issues

 Guaranteed pay
 SMP - Statutory Maternity Pay
 SSP - Statutory Sick Pay
 Provision and delivery of three part security payslips
 Final payroll calculation



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VAT specialists LJC Accountancy Solutions are your value added team. We submit the returns, you receive the benefits.