Frequently Asked Questions.

I don’t have a bookkeeping system in place and my year end is imminent. Can you help?


Yes. Call us for a free, no obligation appointment and we will advise on the most efficient way to bring your books up to date and avoid those looming penalties.



I already have a bookkeeping package but don’t have the time to use it. How can LJC help?


We can complete your bookkeeping on your own in-house system on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis - whichever fits best with your particular circumstances. Alternatively we can work remotely and provide you with a back-up of your software.



My business is located too far away for me to call in with my paperwork. Is this a problem?


No. We currently provide services for companies up and down the country. Your books can be sent to us by post or electronically via e-mail. We can liaise with both yourself and your accountant via phone or e-mail with regard to financial reports or in case of queries.


I will soon need to employ staff but don’t know where to start with setting

up a payroll system.


Let LJC take on the burden of your payroll. From setting up the PAYE scheme down to advising on the most suitable format of payroll we deal with all of the necessary tasks to get your payroll up and running, leaving you to concentrate on recruiting the right people for the job. Furthermore we have access to up to the minute payroll and employment law information to help you with anything from holiday entitlement to redundancy issues.



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