• Bookkeeping. Is your office awash with paperwork
  • VAT. Are you unsure about what you can and can’t claim?
  • Payroll. Are payroll problems costing you time and money?
  • Preparatory. Dreading the thought of wading through all that red tape?



Welcome to the LJC Accountancy Solutions website, here, you’ll find out a little about what we do and how we can help you to save time and money on the preparation of your accounts prior to submitting them to your accountant.

How we can help


Based in Crewe Cheshire, LJC Accountancy Solutions, have a growing portfolio of commercial and private clients. We understand that most small to medium sized companies have no need for a full-time accountant, but many do require the regular services of a bookkeeper and all companies need to have their accounts prepared for tax purposes or auditing by an accountant.


At LJC Accountancy Solutions, we do more than prepare accounts; we offer a value for money bookkeeping service and can advise on and prepare VAT returns and provide efficient and secure payroll systems.


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LJC Accountancy Solutions are bookkeeping and accounts support professionals. We understand just what Accountants need to interpret your accounts efficiently and effectively. So, their professional time is minimised resulting in a cost saving for you.

Value for money


By employing LJC Accountancy Solutions to complete preparatory work on your accounts, you will reduce your overall accountancy costs and ensure a more efficient financial process.



LJC Accountancy Solutions are referred by financial experts and business professionals, citing quality of presentation, attention to detail, value for money and customer service.